Together in Christ that others may know Christ


We are here for anyone seeking to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If it has been some time since you have attended church or even if you have never been to church, you can expect to be welcomed warmly at the door. Being Lutheran isn’t nearly as important as having a heart that is seeking Jesus.


Christ Lutheran Church and Education Center is a mission strong Christian community where God transforms lives through Word and Sacrament, growing His kingdom. We engage people in loving God and others through worship, prayer, study, service and care. We will remain committed to our mission so that those served within our walls take the Gospel of Jesus Christ outside the walls to family, friends, and neighbors, with special concern for the lost, the least and the lonely of this world.



Commitment to Word and Sacrament

We walk together in the Lutheran (LCMS) understanding of Word and Sacraments that is centered in Jesus Christ. We endeavor to make lifelong and fully equipped followers of Jesus Christ through preaching and teaching His Word. We faithfully administer The Sacraments as signs of God’s presence among us and clear marks of our identity.

Commitment to the Body of Christ

Recognizing that His Church is made up of many individual parts, we strive to connect individuals together as a collaborative network to act as one body, to be in fellowship with each other, and edify one another, all to glorify God.

Commitment to Prayer

Prayer is our vital and constant connection to our Father whereby we seek His direction in our ministries and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every decision we make. We also trust in prayer when bringing Him the needs of His people, for the lost and lonely, and for the pain and struggle in everyone’s life.

Commitment to Care and Service

As we are connected within our walls, we are committed to those beyond our walls, both locally and internationally. We are called to reach out to people who do not know Christ, to be a servant to those in need, and to support ministries that share our passion. We hold steadfast the ideal of caring for others, from conception to natural death, as we communicate God’s presence to each precious soul.

Commitment to the Strength of the Family

We are committed to nurturing healthy families of various types with solid marriage preparation, activities to build strong families, care and recovery programs. We value our youth and children by providing a safe environment, quality educational programming and the spiritual development of the whole family that leads to making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Commitment to Effective Ministry

Christ Lutheran Church always seeks to evaluate its programs and ministries to assure we are teaching and training our congregation in the most effective way. Exploring exciting, innovative ways to spread God’s word while maintaining biblical integrity is our hallmark. We wish to see the face of Jesus in those we serve and in those who serve us.

Commitment to Sound Money Management

We teach and model a first-fruits attitude in proportionate giving. We are committed to reducing incurred debt as rapidly as possible by keeping it high on our spending priority. That priority is: 1) benevolence, 2) debt, 3) fixed expenses, 4) personnel, 5) programs, 6) dreams. We use the spending plan to help us visualize our goals and remind us of our intentions.

Commitment to Discipleship

We endeavor to educate and equip each member of this congregation, affirming our faith and trust in Christ, so all are able to share God’s Word within the church and throughout the community. We encourage everyone in our faith family to know their spiritual gifts and use them for the sake of the body of Christ.


In the fall of 1980 the Kansas District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod acted upon an earlier decision to plant a church in Johnson County that would have its roots in Lenexa.  In May, Pastor Ken Sype and his family arrived in Lenexa to begin planting the seeds…


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