Faith Legacy

Partnering with Parents to lead their children to know and love Jesus more each and every day!
The following opportunities are currently offered for parents to grow in their ability to lead their children in the faith:

  • 3 Year Old Blessing: This 3-week session with parents ends in a blessing event in worship, where the child receives a storybook Bible.  During the 3 weeks, parents have discussions about specific topics in parenting that can help them become very intentional about leading their 3 year old children. Typically held in Sept./Oct.
  • 3rd Grade Bible: This 3-week sessions with parents and children ends in a blessing event in worship, where the child receives his/her very own word-for-word translation of the Bible.  Parents/children learn about how to navigate and read the Bible in these 3 weeks. Typically held in Oct./Nov.
  • First Communion (5th grade): This 3-week session with parents and children covers the topic of the Sacrament of Communion, and comes to completion with a celebration of the Seder Meal and First Communion at the Maundy Thursday Worship Service.
  • Father/Son & Mother/Daughter Retreats (6th-7th grade): During this overnight retreat, sons and daughters learn what it means to be godly men and women. Typically held in the spring semester.
  • Confirmation (8th grade): Sunday classes for 8th graders focus on Lutheran doctrine.  Kids meet in small groups in the homes of adult mentor couples to apply what they’ve learned to daily life.  The Rite of Confirmation and public declarations of faith are held in May.
  • Senior Blessing (12th grade)

Contact Katie Morgan if you would like more information on our Faith Legacy program, partnering with parents to lead children to Jesus!




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