Is the Bible true? Why is there evil in the world? How can I know for certain I am saved? Is there life after death? Within the context of those questions, you will learn what we believe, teach and confess as Lutheran Christians.  This class is designed to be an interactive forum for adults new to the Christian and/or Lutheran faith. If you have questions or would like to sign up for this class, please contact


Orientation (2 weeks) Two- one-hour classes intended for those interested in membership as well as those seeking more information about who we are. The first session offers a general overview of Christ Lutheran Church and who we are as a faith family. The second session addresses connecting with the Body of Christ, both inside and outside of these walls. This class is offered during the Education Hour on Sunday mornings several times per year.  Email for more information.


A “next step” is an intentional act to grow in our faith. We want to let each follower decide what that next step will be. There are hundreds of different possibilities. It can be a baby step such as reading one verse of the Bible each day. Or it could be a gigantic step such as going on a mission trip. Not only will each follower decide what that next step will be, but they will also decide how long that “next step” will take. It could be to read one verse a day for the next month…or for the next year. And if you get stuck on a step we’ll help.

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