Marriage & Family

To build, to enrich, and to restore relationships.

Strategic Family Ministry began in the spring of 1996 for the purpose of building strong couples and building strong relationships within families. Our systemic approach begins by affecting the relationship of the couple. We believe that youth and children are significantly affected by the strength of this relationship, and ultimately these healthy relationships strengthen the Body of Christ.

We’re committed to growing strong families of various types by including solid marriage preparation, growth oriented activities to build strong marriages and families, support for those marriages and families that are struggling and recovery activities for those families suffering the pain of splitting apart. We value our youth and children by providing a safe environment, quality educational opportunities and spiritual development of the whole family that leads to making disciples of Jesus Christ.


Marriage Savers “Divorce-Proofing” Couples

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Family Ministry Goals

Every area of Family Ministry is accessible to anyone in the community with a need.

To be a regional/national presence for research, training, and resourcing in Family Ministry.
To maintain a healing presence for families.

To promote a faithful life in all families.

A marriage success rate of 95% or better of marriages performed at Christ Lutheran Church, and a less than 10% divorce rate.

Marriage&Family Ministries

To build
Marriage Preparation

To enrich
Married Life and Family Nurturing

To restore
Marriage Assist and Divorce Care