Music Arts

…at Christ Lutheran The rhythm of worship at Christ Lutheran Church is set to the heartbeat of God as He pours out His love in His Word, in the bread and wine of His supper and in the promise water of Baptism. We respond with lives of praise. Worship sets the tone for our life together and the spiritual life for each individual in the Church. Scripture challenges us to love God completely with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We take seriously the mental, spiritual and emotional nature of worshipers at Christ Lutheran, each called to a complete response to the love of Jesus Christ. (Romans 12:1) In worship, according to the Bible, there are times to shout, cry, whisper, sing, smile, be still, bow our heads, kneel, lift or clap our hands or even dance before the Lord. Our worship opportunities span ancient forms to the very latest in music and technology. We strive to use the vast talents God has given to Christ Lutheran through instrumentalists, singers and technical support. We acknowledge an array of expressions and styles in worship as we reflect the words of Jesus. God is spirit, and His worshipers must worship in Spirit and in truth. John 4: 24

Music Ministry Opportunities

Do you have a heart for serving God with the gifts and talents He has given to you? Christ Lutheran offers many areas of ministry from instrumentalist to choir, worship bands to technical support. If you would like to become part of the Worship/Music Ministry Team please contact Janet Hibbard, Director of Music at Christ Lutheran Church.

Worship Opportunities

Saturday Worship

5:00pm Casual in setting and attire, this service is led with guitars, keyboards and vocals.

Sunday Worship

8:15am Classic worship based on cherished and timeless hymns and praise songs of the faith. This service has the more formal church sounds of organ and piano.
10:45am Current praise music along with broad music selections led by our worship band.


Janet Hibbard
Director of Music
(913) 345-9700

The Worship/Music Teams

  • Worship Bands
  • Choir
  • Song leaders
  • Hand Bell Choir
  • High School Praise Band
  • Instrumental Soloists and Ensembles
  • Sound Techs
  • Slide Techs
  • Drama‚Ķ.(developing)