Welcome to Our Nursery

From birth, it’s important for children to associate God and Jesus with loving people and enjoyable activities and to associate God with happy experiences with others.
The ministry of the nursery touches lives for eternity. We want your child to feel welcome and a part of our program through the people and activities that God has placed in this ministry area. In order to accomplish this, we provide loving care and teaching during our time in the nursery. Through this, children will develop an awareness of the name of Jesus and associate Him with being loved.

Contact Info

Heather Hayselden – Nursery Coordinator 913-345-9700  x1210 heather.hayselden@clcop.org

Nursery Curriculum

A nursery curriculum has been created which includes various activities to choose from based upon the age of the children in the nursery at any given time.  Some of these activities include crafts, stories, use of toys, felt boards, etc.   Our curriculum covers 6 different bible themes throughout the year.
For more information, click on the curriculum document under “Important Information.”

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Sunday Mornings during the 8:15 and 10:45am services and 9:30 education hour.
  • Sunday evenings 5:45-7:30pm
  • Wednesday Evenings 5:45-7:45pm
  • First Friday of each month 9:00-11:30am