Packing Party Items of the Month

Last year, the target number of shoe boxes to pack was 1,500 but we were able to pack over 1,700 because you were so generous! This year we’re counting on your continued generosity by setting the goal to 1,800 shoe boxes packed. You can help us reach that goal by helping us collect items throughout the year

August – Summer Clearance/Thrivent Grants – summer is winding down. Look for clearance items perfect for OCC boxes: beach balls, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, flip flops, pinwheels, bouncy balls, water toys, etc.

If you are a Thrivent member, you may be eligible to apply for a $250 grant to purchase supplies for the OCC Packing Party. Applications are submitted online and are very simple. The OCC Packing Party team can give you suggestions for the best ways to maximize your dollars. Once you receive your grant, shopping can be done online, with purchases sent directly to the church. Making a huge difference couldn’t be easier.

September – School Supplies on Sale – school supplies will be on clearance everywhere! Pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, pencil cases, 6-inch rulers, protractors, scissors, crayons, colored pencils, markers and small notebooks are all great OCC shoe box supplies!

October – Last Minute Needs – The packing party is right around the corner! Check back for the last minute items we’ll need to pack 1,800 shoe boxes. 1,800 opportunities to talk about Jesus to someone who doesn’t know him. 1,800 opportunities to show a child just how much they mean to you and Jesus.1,800 opportunities to touch your neighbor in another country.

November – IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! – Check back for ways to help with the event

Be part of the OCC Packing Party Team!

The OCC Packing Party team has begun prepping for the November 2017 OCC Packing Party and they could use your help!  Participation on this team averages less than one hour per week until we get to about four weeks prior to the event and then the time commitment will increase depending on your area of participation. Please contact Cris Molina for more information or job descriptions.