Adult Small Groups

Our small groups encourage people to know and follow Jesus Christ by:

  • Meeting people where they are with the redeeming grace if God
  • Establishing a foundation in prayer and the Bible
  • Building Christ-like relationships for encouragement in the faith-testing experiences of life
  • Integrating service with study as a way of life
  • Equipping people to reach out and make a difference for Jesus’ sake


Myra Schraeder
Adult Ministry Director

Cris Molina
Adult Ministry Assistant


Winter Small Groups

God works through the study of His word, prayer and the togetherness of believers to nourish and transform individuals to be more like Christ. There is no place like a small group for you to experience these things and then take the good news of Christ in you to the world.

To learn more about a specific group, please contact Myra Schraeder or Cris Molina. To learn more about a group’s current topic, click on the study.


Meeting Day Group Name Time Meeting Location Group Demographic Current Topic
Sunday Williams Group 9:30am Room 103 Young Families True Spirituality
Masters Group 9:30am Room 103 Adults with or without grown children Vanishing Grace
Brinkmeyer Group 6:00pm Room 147 Adults with grown children The Book of Ephesians
2nd and 4th Sundays Tharp Group 7:00pm Tharp home Adults with or without grown children To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain
Monday Zernickow Group 7:15pm Wilcox home Adults with or without grown children He Chose the Nails
Monday (2nd & 4th) Norem Group 7:00pm Library Adults with or without grown children LifeChange: Matthew
Thursday Tabel Group 9:30am Library Retired Adults  The Gospel of John



Meeting Day Group Name Meeting Time Meeting Location Current Topic
Tuesday O’Neil Group 9:30am Room 145 The Book of Acts
Godsey Group 7:15pm Room 142 Uninvited
Wednesday Kuddes Group 10:00am Room 141 If You Want to Walk On Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat
Thursday Mature Women’s Group 10:30am Room 145 The Psalms
Friday Jackson Group 9:00am Room 201 Seamless



Meeting Day Group Name Meeting Time Meeting Location Current Topic
Tuesday Jabben Group 8:45pm Church Lobby  
Wednesday Crabtree Group 6:30am McDonalds (College & Quivira) Christian Apologetics
Thursday Schneider Group 6:30am Panera Bread (75th & Antioch)