Our mission is to serve families facing unplanned pregnancies before, during and after, with Christ-like compassion.

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Become a Volunteer at Advice & Aid

Help Advice & Aid provide truthful information to women and their families as they face the highly stressful situation of an unplanned pregnancy.

Attend a New Volunteer Information Meeting if you would like to join their team of volunteers and be that friend. At the informational meeting, you’ll learn more about Advice & Aid’s ministry and how you can fit it. Contact Advice & Aid for more information. Check the Outreach home page for information on upcoming New Volunteer Information meetings.


Join the Young Professionals Group

A group of adults in their 20’s & 30’s, single or married, with or without children, who have a heart to help women and their families make an informed decision about an unplanned pregnancy. The group has several fun social events throughout the year for cummunity building and networking opportunities. Check on the Outreach home page for information on any upcoming events. Like the group on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.


Journeys Pregnancy Education

Learning that you’re going to have a baby when you weren’t planning it can be very shocking. There’s so much to think about and consider. You have a lot of choices to make and a limited amount of time to make them. That’s why we offer you Journeys Counseling.

You want the best for you and your child. You want the freedom to explore your options without the pressures that friends and family can sometimes impose. We’re here for you.

You’re smart. You just need to know what you don’t know. Journeys gives you the chance to ask questions and learn what it takes to raise a child or place for adoption. It’s all about giving you the information you need to be who you want to be.

It’s all about finding what’s right for you and your baby.

Learn more about the Journeys program

Pathways Dad's Support Class

Advice & Aid Pathway’s Dad’s Support Class is a support group for fathers and expectant fathers designed to help prepare men to become strong dads and build strong families.

This dad’s support class is for those dads who could use the encouragement and training from a group of men whose sole job is to be there to help others succeed at the tough job of parenting.  It is held in a safe, compassionate environment, where dads can feel free to express questions and concerns, and get true help from other men who have already been in their shoes.  If you are looking for a place to grow and flourish, Pathways Dad’s Support Class is the place for you!

Learn more about the Pathways Dad’s Support Class

Bridges Parenting Support Group

Bridges Parenting Support Group is a two year program, helping participants find the practical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual help they need.

Learn more about the Bridges Parenting Support Group

Awakenings Infant Loss Support Group

Awakenings is our infant loss program for those who have experienced loss through abortion, miscarriage, stillborn or early child death.  This program is to help women and men (families) who express a need for healing after their loss.  We offer One-on-one sessions, Small group classes and Post abortion assessment appointments.

Learn more about the Awakenings Infant Loss Support Group

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